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SA Financial Services Association Efficiently unleashes cross-media solutions. Join the most Dynamic Networking Forum in Africa today. Quickly maximize timely information for real time optimization. Dramatically controlling the market for your benefit. We do have Networking Clusters all over the country, and in each of those Clusters we do only allow one representative per specific business profession or category to participate. We do not limit our members to one Cluster only, if you so wish, you may join more than one Cluster. We also provide a Fully Functional Solution for Financial Services Providers and Practitioners in South Africa, where they can exchange Business Intelligence, Raise and Address Issues and Concerns, Express Opinions, Seek and Find Solutions and Control Market Tendencies. Via this platform, Financial Practitioners and Professionals can now interact with their respective Supply Chains to easily find and acquire the Products and Services they may require. Networking can only work if you work the Network. The more effort you put in, the higher your reward will be. We always strive to exceed our Members Expectations with state of the art Service Excellence and Networking.

Our Mission

We are collaborating forces in the workplace to unite in achieving common goals and objectives.

Our Vision

We are constantly expediting and exploring various avenues to enhance our Service Delivery.

Our Values

Our main priority is Customer Satisfaction through State of the Art Service Delivery.


SA Financial Services Association was awarded the best Market Specific innovation for 2019.

Our Team

John <strong>Stewart</strong>

John Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Andries <strong>Smit</strong>

Andries Smit


Gill <strong>Bates</strong>

Gill Bates

MD MF Subsidiary

  • 280 Networking Clusters.
  • 2 Compulsory Networking Functions per month.
  • 100000 Members; Friends and Business Associates.